Service Partner
To be the premier Malaysian aviation service provider of choice, and ensure operational excellence, AISB require a strategic partnership with a world class aviation service provider in the Oil & Gas industry.
AISB formed an alliance with the CHC Helicopter Services (CHC) as the official partner.
The appointment was based on:
  • CHC is the largest helicopter service provider in the world.
  • CHC employs more than 4,300 people in some 30 countries around the world for the offshore helicopter market.
  • CHC have the experience and skilled personnel.
  • Suitable helicopters (on dry lease until Awan group's own helicopters are delivered)
  • CHC's commitment towards knowledge and skill transfer as part of our Malaysianisation plan.
In general, CHC provide the following:
  • Support and consultancy for the provision of crew and personnel.
  • Power by the hour agreement for aircraft maintenance.
  • Aircraft general lease term agreement.
  • Aircraft specific term agreement.