Our Services

Providing transportation of passengers/workers to offshore oil & gas exploration and development rigs for PETRONAS & Shell as well as other oil & gas majors.

The Awan group has performed commendably without incidents since its inception on 1st October 2008. In terms of operational and safety standards, it has met the stringent requirements of the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) Malaysia and passed with flying colours all the several operational audits by Shell Aviation International (SAI) and CHC Helicopter Services (CHC).

The Awan group has formed a strategic alliance with CHC, which provides helicopter transportation services to both onshore and offshore petroleum markets around the world, and is a highly experienced helicopter operator and has a highly developed global helicopter support infrastructure that includes repair, overhaul and logistical support.

Presently, AISB is operating 7 helicopters (EC225LP, AW139 and S76C++) from Miri base for the customers covering the offshore region of Sabah and Sarawak waters. The helicopters are:

  • 3 x EC225LP
  • 3 x AW139
  • 1 x S76C++


The latest variant of the Super Puma, the EC225LP provides superb reliability, flexibility and power for a five tonne category. Equipped with the latest digital cockpit, 4-axis autopilot, powerful engines and versatile rugged airframe, this model is the premier choice for those needing long range and high-payload capabilities.

Max Weight11,000 Kg
Capacity2 Pilots + 19 Passengers
Power Plant2 x Turbomeca MAKILA 2A
Max O.E.I Power1,798 KW
Fast Cruise Speed261 km/h
Maximum Range820 km


The proven S-76C++ helicopter continues to improve, responding to today's most critical market requirements with increased performance, quiet comfort and spacious cabin interiors, enhanced safety, dispatch reliability, operating cost efficiencies and superior mission versatility

Max Weight5,307 Kg
Capacity2 Pilots + 10 Passengers
Power Plant2 x Turbomeca Arriel 2S2
Max O.E.I Power1,540 KW
Fast Cruise Speed287 km/h
Maximum Range762 km

AgustaWestland – AW139

The AW139 is a new generation medium twin-turbine helicopter setting new standards against which all medium twins are measured. Designed with inherent multi-role capability and flexibility of operation, in a most spacious and comfortable cabin. The AW139 provides the best power reserve of any helicopter in the medium twin-engine class. As a result of the new design approach the AW139 uses fewer components, benefits from integrated avionics and provides easy accessibility to all systems for simplified maintenance tasks

Max Weight6,800 Kg                        
Capacity2 Pilots + 12 Passengers     
Power Plant              2 x  Pratt & Whitney PT6C - 67C
Max O.E.I Power1,252 KW
Fast Cruise Speed306 Km/h
Maximum Range1,250 Km

Hangar at Miri, Sarawak

Awan Inspirasi has invested RM35million for its own hangar in Miri, Sarawak. The construction took 11 months and was completed in June 2011. The hangar is a double storey with 5,380 square meter (ground level), 1,680 square meter (upper level) with a total land size of 7,207 square meter.

14 helicopter bays (inside hangar) and 4 helicopter bays (outside hangar)
2Technical rooms
3Store House
4Repair and maintenance
5Flight operations
6Training rooms

Facilities at Miri Terminal and Miri Hangar

Check In Counter (Miri Terminal)

Security Check (Miri Terminal)

Briefing Room (Miri Terminal)

Shuttle Service (Miri Terminal)

Passengers Room (Miri Hangar)

Boarding The Aircraft (Miri Hangar)

Arrival (Miri Hangar)

Tracking and Monitoring System

Awan Inspirasi utilize a live-feed satellite system for tracking and monitoring of its helicopters. The system is web based with high security features for access control.

Electronic Flight Bag System via Tablet

Introduction to Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

Given the Awan Inspirasi position as the best among the leading Oil & Gas Aviation Services in Malaysia, we are always determined to strive for improvement. We are reckoned to be the trend setter to lead the industry for a better, safer environment. With the era of technology advancement, Awan Inspirasi has taken the opportunity to enhance our operation thus our services to introduce and implement Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) via Apple IPad to all of our pilots.

We are proudly to claim that Awan Inspirasi hangar in Miri is the first base within CHC and partners and even the first commercial rotary wing operator in Malaysia that has obtained approval from DCA Malaysia to apply and to implement Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) via Apple IPad.


EFB is an electronic information management device that helps flight crew performs flight management tasks more easily and efficiently with less paper. It is generally intended to reduce or even replace completely the paper-based reference material often found in the Pilot’s Carry-on Flight Bag. 

All these reference materials include the Aircraft Operating Manual, Flight Crew Operating Manual and Navigation Charts which if all are paper-based sums up to 15 Kilograms of weight Carry-on Flight Bag. By contrast to EFB, IPad is just weighing less than a Kilogram.

Other than these requisite reference materials, EFB can host other purpose-built software applications. For an instance is performance take-off calculation which would conventionally be done manually.


We at Awan Inspirasi are putting safety to be our utmost priority. It is our obligation to accommodate safety in our operation as well as ensuring the customers are conscious that they are in the safe hand when flying with us.

The huge responsibility of being a pilot creates a constant need for information and inputs. As safety is the primary concern, the pilot need to feel confident in the air and reassured to know as much as possible. Paper-based manual if not kept to a reasonable level can be detrimental to flight safety and cockpit workload. With the introduction of EFB, pilot can look for reference material, manuals or even flight chart through the tablet in a quick convenient way.


Purpose Built Software


JeppFD provides flight crew through Jeppesen electronic charting subscriptions with en route chart data, terminal charts, and Jeppesen Airway Manuals. It is designed to provide an interactive mobile en route application specifically for the usage in the cockpit as well as on the ground.





AeroWeather Pro

AeroWeather Pro provides flight crew with current weather conditions (METAR) as well as weather forecast (TAF) and NOTAMs that can be used for flight preparations.







GoodReader is the main application for viewing company documents in pdf format. Files and folders are synced with the remote FTP server. GoodReader can be used for viewing company documentation. This may be done during flight.