Awan Inspirasi New Flight Operation Manager, FOM


We are pleased to announce that Captain Yee Ching Choy has been appointed to the role of Flight Operation Manager, FOM (formerly known as COO) for Awan Inspirasi Sdn Bhd effective 1st November 2015.


Respectably known as Captain Yee, he is holding an astounding thirty years of experience in leadership for various fields. Well versed in flight operations, process improvement, staffing and budgetting, strategic planning, and resource allocation, Captain Yee is invaluable asset to the company.


Captain Yee is an experienced Chief Pilot and Offshore Captain in the Oil and Gas industry. From 2012 until 2015, he served as the the Chief Pilot of Awan Inspirasi overseeing the administration and training of 60 pilots. During his 4 years with Awan Inspirasi, he has contributed in shaping up the operations to as it is now.


Prior to joining Awan Inspirasi, Captain Yee is carrying a tremendous track record working as a pilot, staff officer, and commanding officer where he managed up to 50 personnel of a sizable active fleet of 13 helicopters. He is best known for his positive and steady leadership amidst demands from customers, partners, and various government entities.


A retired Royal Malaysian Air Force pilot with 25 years of service, Captain Yee joined the RMAF in 1986 as S-61 pilot. He became a qualified helicopter instructor in 1995 and spent 4 tours of duty in No 2 training center, Air College. He completed his military service in 2010 at the Examining unit, RMAF Subang as Staff Officer 1, Operations.


We are pleased to have Capt Yee, the first Malaysian FOM, a highly qualified professional to lead Awan Inspirasi operations